Have you ever attended a Fire Circle Ritual event, danced around the Fire for three nights with people of like mind, celebrating Spirit and the diversity of life? Have you ever come to the end only to dream of a reality where you could do that all the time? And on your way back home all you could think about is going back next year?

I have! Every time. 

Fire and Community

In the Summer and Fall of 2016 I went on a walkabout with the only direction in mind was to follow or chase, as it was, after the Sacred Fire. What happened was I fell into one Fire Tribe community after the next. Little pockets with groups of people that have experienced the Fire Circle Ritual and want more. And, are in small ways, attempting to form a more cohesive Family of Fire – like the Spark Collective.

But it is the Fire that draws us all together and it is my belief that what we need are local Fire Temples that serve the needs of the Sacred Fire communities. 

Communities need a “Center.” A place to gather like minded people to refine their relationships. Our “Center” is the Sacred Fire and Fire Circle Ritual. We practice our spirituality a bit differently than others and we pray in the Fire Circle Shrine. It’s what we do. In the words of Jeff McBride, “Enter the center where All is One.”

The idea of a community center that supports some form of Fire Ritual for me to continue to process and refine my Spiritual work – well all I can say is… take me to church! I also believe that as we continue to draw more and more people to the Fire Circle Shrine we are simply going to “have to” create more cohesive community centers simply to serve the processing of the transformative experiences we all have around the Fire.

The dream of a Fire Temple Priest

I have a dream of community Fire Circle Shrines everywhere – in all major population centers. (Ha, that was a pun.) I have simply reached a point where I can not take not having one to serve through. It is driving me mad. My greatest joy in life is tending the Sacred Fire for Tribe. I’ll do it! I’ll keep the Fire going! I want to be a Fire Temple Priest more than anything. Full time! I can’t imagine anything else that could bring me more joy. I am a ritual fire tender, after all.

There are ways of bringing this Ritual out of the desert and down from the mountain tops. We simply cannot afford to let the only way of experiencing this experience be out on the fringes and out of reach for so many people. It is all I have been thinking about for the past 15 years.

The moment I have been waiting for is here. With the coming year of the Red Fire Rooster, I am devoting my life towards the manifestation of this dream. 2017 begins the quest of a Fire Temple Priest in search of a Fire Circle Shrine to serve the Sacred Fire Community, the Family of Fire, and Fire Tribe. Not necessarily under one roof, but centralized around one Fire.

The Fool’s Journey

I will be completely honest here, I have no idea how this is all going to manifest I simply know that it must. A person has to start where they are in life so I am starting here, with this blog and website. Not only will I be sharing what I know and learn I also intend to invite others to share their experiences and provide a sustainable resource for Tribe and community as well as an open dialog towards the evolution of community and the Sacred Work.

I don’t know where we’re going but I hope that if you find any of this interesting that you will come along for the ride. Join in on the conversation. As we share in the refinement of the Ritual we refine community.

Sacred Fire events are communing up fast. I am creating a list and calendar of Sacred Fire gathering, you can check it out by clicking “Right here. Right now.” If you know of one that I have missed or have dates please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time, Beloved.