It is said the ultimate art form is the conscious creation of the Self. The “Priesthood” is a path of artistry where the canvas is life itself and as “Priest” I choose to teach and facilitate that as a Spiritual experience for others. I’m just an artist and my art is Sacred Play. I practice it, participate in it and am now taking on the Priesthood as a way and means towards achieving righteous livelihood.

The art for the new millennium is one that expresses the vision of “All are welcome – All are One!” with a common unifying story. That is why Fire. Fire is the greatest non-discriminating unifying force I have ever experienced which sets forth my mission of creating a “Fire-Centric” spiritual community and center.

I believe that the only way to change the world is to participate in the creation of culture. My art is to participate in the co-creation of a Spiritual culture that is deeply rooted in tolerance, equality, acceptance, unconditional love, kindness and compassion, and consent. This is no easy task. If we take a good look at where our global culture is now and where we want it to be there is a big gap. People have to start finding it within themselves to start making different choices. This takes deep Spiritual roots. The turning away from what is known and comfortable and then to make the choices necessary to live the authentic expression of your highest vision of life takes a great deal of commitment and devotion. Spiritual fortitude!

The tools for the “Priest” are ritual and ceremony – creating and facilitating Sacred Play. Like any art form, it takes commitment and devotion and my own spiritual fortitude. For me, being “Priest” is more than just a full-time job, it’s a way of life committed and devoted to serving a Fire-centric Spiritual community. An opportunity to take my personal relationship with Spirit as Fire deeper and to facilitate a deeper community experience.

In supporting the Priesthood you are also supporting a greater Fire-Centric community by helping provide a way and means for me to create content, workshops, rituals, and Fire ceremonies. Also, the time to work on my two primary projects Circle The Sun! and the Temple of the Rising Phoenix.

I spend my days in ritual prayer, meditation, connecting to Fire/Sun through songs and chants, and walking Sacred Circles all as part of my personal Spiritual practice and in search of ways to promote Fire’s agenda for the community.

I have been called to fulfill a sacred mission based on a vision where ten thousand people, or more, had gathered and were circumambulating the Sacred/Ritual Fire. That is what is before me as a Priest of Fire.

So, if you appreciate the work that I am doing, this is me putting out the proverbial rice bowl. The money donated here goes towards supplies like firewood and torch fuel, candles, and circle art as well as basic life necessities providing for me a way and means to remain in devotional practice.