A mechanism for a new Spirituality

Fire. It created the mantle that now supports the surface of Earth. It allowed us to cook our food, warm ourselves, and extend the day into the night. After the Sun, we Human’s cultivated Fire as our primary energy source which eventually led to the invention of the plow and our current global agricultural culture. As time went on we harnessed the power of Fire to create practically everything around us that Man has created.

I often wonder, did man harness the power Fire or did Fire harness the ingenuity of Humans. The real answer to that question is, both. Couldn’t have been one without the other.

We have been harnessing the power of Fire for change for 1.7 million years. That’s a long-standing relationship. Fire burns us down and yet we keep coming back using Fire to rebuild with. I grew up hearing about the “Fires of Industry” changing the face of the planet. It’s what we do. It’s what Fire does.

As a mechanism for change, Fire transforms what was already there and makes way for something new to arise. In the same way that a heart surgeon has to first remove the old heart thereby creating space for the new one, Fire works the same way.

Fire is a non-discriminating force of destruction as it will burn anything and everything in its path. It is driven by winds and to put it bluntly, stuff to burn. Wild-Fire is an awesome creature with the power to reduce to ash all in its path within minutes.

What we have learned over time is that to harness the raw wild and dynamic nature of Fire we must first be able to contain it. There is no way to control Fire that is not contained but once it is contained its creative and destructive nature becomes a mechanism for intentional change.

That’s what Fire teaches us. It teaches us that in order to harness our wild creative and destructive nature we have to create boundaries for ourselves that can contain our Inner-Fire so that we can become like Fire, a dynamic mechanism for change.

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