Consciousness here is defined as a self-organizing system.

As we delve into the concepts of Creating a Sun for our circumambulation I want to share this video of Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance, where he talks about some of my deeper motivations for my Spiritual practice and the creating of Circle The Sun. My ultimate goal is to have a conversation directly with Universal Consciousness that is distinctly different than my conversation with Earth consciousness. But first I want to understand our Solar System and Galactic experience.

In part 1 of “Creating A Sun” I asked the question “What is at the center of your circle?” I don’t want to rush into creating something that is so important to the overall process of Circle The Sun and Cosmic Shamanism before sharing this video.

Towards the end of this video (43:35) Rupert asks the question if the Sun is conscious how do you interact with it, or as I say engage with it? It’s no different than saying that the Earth is conscious and you engage with it by going out into nature and experiencing it in the raw. And before long after doing that over and over again we find this conversation happening in our mind that we call Nature, or Gia, and the establishment of Earth-based religions and philosophies. 

Over 3 decades ago, after drawing down the Moon one night, I became what I refer to as a “Day-Walker” and went to work on drawing down the Sun. And now I am going after the entire Solar System as a self-organizing system as he mentions at 23:35 in the video. Give it watch as you contemplate creating your Sun.