with Jonathan Avalon

Personal Sacred Fire Healing Sessions
90 minute guided sessions
Price: $85.00
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If you come to me with all of your raw emotions from the greatest love to the darkest of rage and hate, I as a human can only take so much of that energy and hold space for the transform of it for you. That is why there is Sacred Fire. Fire wants to have that conversation with you. Don’t tell it to me, tell it to the Fire.

Fire can take it. Fire can take it all. Fire wants you to know that it’s not afraid of your raw awesome emotional power. Sacred Fire opens the doorway for you to communicate directly to Spirit and your inner Flame simultaneously.

As you feed the flame, both externally and internally, I invite you to open yourself up to the conversation that the Fire wants to have with you. Sacred Fire will lead you on a personal and individualized path of healing, transformation, and self-awareness.

I am not the “healer” here, you are. My role as a Priest of Fire is to facilitate your conversation with Sacred Fire by creating a safe and Sacred space for your mind-body-spirit healing experience with Fire and to humbly offer any insights that my 20 plus years of tending Sacred Fire and leading Fire Circle rituals/ceremonies may bring.

Sacred Fire Healing Sessions/Circles invite and encourage you to ritualistically cultivate an up close and personal relationship with Fire as a guide along your spiritual and healing path. You will have opportunities to touch and be touched by Fire. Opportunities to feed and make offering directly to Fire. Opportunities to tend Fire either for yourself or for the community. Opportunities to sit with Fire for some deep conversation. And opportunities to walk the Sacred Flame for full-on three dimensional perspectives of Self and Spirit. The deeper you engage in the Sacred Fire experience the more the Fire opens up and reveals yourself to you.

Throw yourself into the Sacred Fire. Purify yourself. Transform yourself. Ignite or tamper down your inner Flame. Like the Phoenix, rebirth yourself anew. Then… rinse and repeat.

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