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Is the Sun conscious?

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Consciousness here is defined as a self-organizing system.

As we delve into the concepts of Creating a Sun for our circumambulation I want to share this video of Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance, where he talks about some of my deeper motivations for my Spiritual practice and the creating of Circle The Sun. My ultimate goal is to have a conversation directly with Universal Consciousness that is distinctly different than my conversation with Earth consciousness. But first I want to understand our Solar System and Galactic experience.

In part 1 of “Creating A Sun” I asked the question “What is at the center of your circle?” I don’t want to rush into creating something that is so important to the overall process of Circle The Sun and Cosmic Shamanism before sharing this video.

Towards the end of this video (43:35) Rupert asks the question if the Sun is conscious how do you interact with it, or as I say engage with it? It’s no different than saying that the Earth is conscious and you engage with it by going out into nature and experiencing it in the raw. And before long after doing that over and over again we find this conversation happening in our mind that we call Nature, or Gia, and the establishment of Earth-based religions and philosophies. 

Over 3 decades ago, after drawing down the Moon one night, I became what I refer to as a “Day-Walker” and went to work on drawing down the Sun. And now I am going after the entire Solar System as a self-organizing system as he mentions at 23:35 in the video. Give it watch as you contemplate creating your Sun.


Creating a Sun (part 1)

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What’s at the center of your circle?

In order to recreate the Solar System, we would first have to start with a Sun! It’s how it all started here for us some 4.5 billion of years ago. 
Imagine, if you will, what it must take to create a Sun like ours. Along the Orion Spur of the Milky Way Galaxy, a star was born as a Solar Nebula, a cloud of dust and gas collapsed. In the center of that formation matter condensed into a burning ball of gas.

Being able to hold within itself all eight planets 600 times, the Sun is clearly the largest object in our Solar System.  Along with a tremendous gravitational pull and extensive electromagnetic field the Sun, and it’s fiery nature, sit at the center of our great Cosmic Circle. Its size and mass give it the gravitational pull to not only hold itself together but also hold the entire Solar System intact because it contains 99.8% of our Solar Systems mass giving it a great pull on the fabric of space.

The Sun is the heart of our Solar System holding together a system of 8 planets, dozens of dwarf planets, approximately 170 moons, and countless comets and asteroids.  That is one powerful and truly Sacred center. The Sun is the inspiration for the center of all my Sacred circles and shrines.

That being said, there is no limit as to what one can create to circumambulate, but for us Cosmic Shamans it is clear what Sacred object is at the center of our Sacred circle and the intention behind every center altar we create is to re-create the Sun.

Embracing the 3-D altar experience.

Circumambulation is the act of walking around something, usually Sacred. What does that mean? Simply put, the something that is walked around was created with a specific intention in mind and the act of circumambulation is a way of exchanging energy with that something or other that you created with intention and with intention cultivate and develop a relationship with it.

One of the sweetest things about circumambulation as a Spiritual practice for me is that what I get to create in the round. I have always admired people who can sculpt and create three dimensional art. That’s what we are doing here, like the Sun we are creating round altars.

It’s not easy walking around an altar that is set up against the wall. At that point the whole building becomes a Sacred shrine and hopefully there is room to walk around that. These are serious concerns for the Circumambulator if we keep in mind that one of our goals, or desired experiences is to observe the world from every perspective possible. Don’t get me wrong, I love walking around buildings, temples, and churches but often in those situations it’s not possible to have a 3-D dynamic experience with what’s inside.

I grew up Catholic going to church every Sunday; I often wonder what it would be like if I grew up circumambulating the crucifix rather than just sitting and kneeling while staring at it from afar. What sort of relationship with that symbol of the Sun would I have today had my experience been more active and experiential? I might just have to give that a try someday.

The Sun is a work in progress.

Our Sun that sits at the middle of our Cosmic Circle did not form overnight. It has taken 4.5 billion years just for it to get to this point in it’s evolution and development. 

What is a representation of the Sun for one Circumambulator will not be the same for the other. These are extremely personal expressions and take time to develop. Some walk Sacred circles around Fire, some around water, and sometimes we walk circles around burnt out trees – Earth. 

I have spent nearly a year walking circles in contemplation of creating a Sun for my workshops and classes. Sometimes it’s easy, we burn a fire. Other times not so easy to burn that Fire so I had to come up with something else just as powerful for me. So that when I walked around it I could see in it the Fire and most of all, the Sun.

Coming up next in Creating a Sun part 2, I will talk about the concepts and processes that I went through while creating the center altar for the Circle The Sun! workshops and Sacred Circumambulation classes. In part 3, I will share with you a step by step guide for creating your own Sun for your personal Scared Circumambulation practice.


Developing Spiritual Fortitude

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Commitment to the daily practice.

Twenty minutes a day! It can feel like forever at times and other times like hardly any time has passed at all. Sometimes 20 minutes feels like too much time while other times it feels like nowhere near enough. It’s a great commitment to devote twenty minutes a day once a day and quite another to devote to doing it 4 times a day. What I do know is that if I don’t spend at the very least twenty minutes a day actively engaged in a flow of Sacred Circumambulation that I won’t have the Spiritual fortitude to engage in life with the intensity that I desire from life’s experience and to be a “real force for good.”

It is going to take deep Spiritual roots and the affinity towards maintaining an inteconnectedness as we have never experienced before if what we really want is to shift paradigms and participate in the direction of change.

The need to make the righteous choice now is greater than ever in our global culture. I see clearly the need for Spiritual fortitude on a mass level. We have misused the resources of the planet all the while treating each other in the most inhumane of ways. This is a long-standing pattern and change will not come easy. We can shift our cosmic direction but there is not ever going to be some great cosmic shift where we wake up one day living in Utopia.

What will that take? Are twenty minutes a day enough to devote to a Spiritual practice? That is what I was asking myself today while walking my Sacred Circles. Is it going to be enough for me to show up and represent the culture of We Are All One? Where is my Spiritual fortitude and is it aligned with my highest vision? In all honesty, not very likely.

So I’m taking this time to buckle down and devote myself to that like I know I can. Twenty minutes a day committed towards the intentional development of my Spiritual fortitude.

I see the Fires of rage and hate and separation and greed that are burning like wildfires all around me. It is easy to be consumed by someone else’s Fire. Through this work, I walk to be like the immovable Buddha and I will develop the necessary skills to stand in my own Fire of love and acceptance and tolerance and equality. All towards the embodiment of the concept We Are All One! To be able to stand in my own Fire of my individual choices and the impact they have globally now. To be able to live through the burning and the inconvenience of change.