Fifteen Bucks An Hour

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“Fifteen Bucks An Hour”

8X10 print on Ilford MG4 RC Pearl | Shot on Ilford FP4 processed normal

It was the Boston Common on a cloudy and drizzly afternoon. A gathering of HONK activists playing and marching for things like equality and $15 wages. All the while I’m begging the Gods for just a little bit of sunlight. I didn’t quite realize how low lit Boston really is.

I made this print to challenge myself in the darkroom as much as I did in the field behind the camera. Can I pull out a decent print shot on a low lit and low contrast day? Still working on answering that question. By the way, I love Ilford skin tones!


For The Love Of Music

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Berklee Jazz - HONK #0002

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HONK Parade #0003

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Jazz and Protest Marching Bands

(#0002 – #0003)

If there is one way to get me out to a street festival, it’s music. The Berklee Jazz Festival and HONK are two of many throughout Boston. I love me a good jazz festival that’s for sure!!

The Berklee Jazz Fest. wasn’t as big of a photo op as I had been hoping for. Although there was this nice little street jam session that caught my attention on the way out. Check out frames 10 – 16 on #0002. I even printed frame 14 on 11X14 for a print competition at the Boston Camera Club.

Then came HONK! Oh my, such fun. Marching bands and political protesting. Brilliant. HONK has many different events over several days. And o got one of my first favorite images from the parade, #0003-19.

I started to realize that 125asa/iso is going to be tough to use here in Boston. It’s not a very bright city. And then I went to make 11X14s and still couldn’t get enough grain out of the image.


Caribbean Carnival Parade #0001

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Caribbean Carnival #0001

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Sharing My Contact Sheets

I shot my first roll of black & white at the Caribbean Carnival Parade. It was a photography meet-up. My first one of those ever. So this is roll/file number 0001 – Ilford FP4 shot at 125asa/iso and processed normal in D76.

Part of the art of DarkRoom Photography is perfecting the making of contact sheets. But it all really starts in the camera. Consistent exposures, accurate framing, and capturing that decisive moment all come out in our contact sheets. So I have decided to publish my contact sheets so we can all see the dirty truth of how we evolve as photographers rather than only publishing the selected prints. I think it will become an incredible opportunity to journal about the experiences of each shoot. So, with that in mind, let’s get back to the Parade.

I signed up on a Boston Photographer’s Meet-Up and get this invite to gather and shoot the Cambridge Carnival. And since my biggest ambition is to photograph Carnival in Rio, I signed up. Sunday, September 25, 2015 – I loaded a roll of black and white film into my camera and off I went. And wouldn’t you know it that on my first day out it’s cold and cloudy. And there I am having committed to 125asa/iso. I don’t like shooting wide open.

I had never photographed a parade before. Not like a “Parade Photographer” might do it. I have always wanted to though. I learned by the end of my one roll of film that you simply cannot capture the entire parade in one shoot. I am also very excited because, as you will soon see in future blog posts, Boston is a great place to practice parade photography.

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